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Knowledge behaviour and social adoption of innovation


Author: Badilescu-Buga, Emil
Publication Type: Article
Publication Year: 2013

A key element in the adoption of innovation is addressing the knowledge gap caused by its introduction in practice. This study examines the context in which information is searched, found and retrieved, reviewing previous related research work, especially in the area of cognitive information retrieval. As result of an extensive review of research literature on the adoption of online learning design systems in education and on information behaviour, the study proposes a social adoption of innovation model, which includes information systems and social networks, and features innovators and adopters of innovation that influence each other and participate simultaneously in the process of knowledge generation. The study also proposes two symbolic equations for general knowledge behaviour and general information seeking skills that reflect the contribution of multiple sources of information and the type of skills that are needed as part of the overall knowledge behaviour.

URLKnowledge behaviour and social adoption of innovation (Science Direct)

APA Reference: Badilescu-Buga, E. (2013). Knowledge behaviour and social adoption of innovation. Information Processing & Management, 49(4), 902-911.


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