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Timeline Events May 16


LAMS Conferences (2006-2013)

LAMS (Learning Activity Management System) conferences have been held each year since 2006.  Information about past and current conferences can be found at LAMS Foundation’s web site


International Pedagogy Planner Meetings

A number of informal closed meetings of Learning Design experts were hosted by James Dalziel and Diana Laurillard initially, and then with other experts in future years. These meetings were often held prior to a CETIS Design Bash Meeting and/or a LAMS Conference. No website was created for these events.

CETIS Design Bash

These are yearly events organised by JISC CETIS ( Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards). The Design Bash series started in 2007 to discuss design for learning programmes (Design4Learning).

LAMS EU Conferences (2007-2010)

LAMS (Learning Activity Management System) European conferences have been held each year between 2007 and 2010.


eLearning Papers Special Issue: Breaking down the silos.

eLearning Papers is a digital publication created as part of the elearningeuropa.info portal funded by the European Commission to promote the use of multimedia technologies and Internet at the service of education and training.

Other eLearning Papers Special Issues:  Designing for Learning (2011),  Opening Learning Horizons (2012) and Outside the Classroom (2013)

Source: eLearning Papers/ Published Issues web site


LAMS Asia Conference (2011-2013)

LAMS (Learning Activities Management System) started holding Asia conferences in 2011. More information about LAMS Asia Conferences can be found here.


Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design

The concept of the new field of Learning Design is the result of a meeting of Learning Design experts in Larnaca, Cyprus in September. The outcome of that meeting was the expression of a shared view on Learning Design which was later expanded and explained  in a document published in December 2012.


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