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The main publications in the field of Learning Design (as defined by Larnaca Declaration) are listed in the timeline below:

Timeline Publications Apr 07

As the number of publications is large and it is impractical to try to cram all of them into an easy to read image, the Publications diagram contains only a few publications published by 2013. The Publication section of the Timeline will be continuously updated with new publications listed in a chronological order below starting with the current year.


Informing Pedagogical Action: Aligning Learning Analytics With Learning Design (Lockyer, Lori; Heathcote, Elizabeth; Dawson, Shane)

Learning design research: advancing pedagogies in the digital age (Dobozy, Eva)

Rethinking Pedagogy 2nd Edition (Beetham,  Helen; Sharpe, Rhona)

Designing for Learning in an Open World (Conole, Grainner)


Teaching as a Design Science (Laurillard, Diana)


LAMS and Learning Design vol. 2: Dalziel, J., Alexander, C., Krajka, J, & Kiely, R. (Eds.). (2011). LAMS and Learning Design. University of Nicosia Press.


LAMS and Learning Design vol. 1: Dalziel, J., Alexander, C., & Krajka, J. (Eds.). (2010). LAMS and Learning Design. University of Nicosia Press.


Distance Education Special Issue


Handbook of Learning Design (Lockyer, Lori; Bennett, Sue; Agostino, Shirley; Harper, Barry)

Design Languages (Gibbons, Andrew; Botturi, Luca; Boot, Eddy; Nelson, Jon)


Rethinking Pedagogy 1st Edition (Beetham, Helen; Sharpe, Rhona)

JIME (Journal of Interactive Media in Education): Special Issue: Adaptation and IMS Learning Design (Sep 2007)


Advances of Learning Design

Learning Design: A Handbook on Modelling and Delivering Networked Education and Training (Koper Rob; Tattersall, Colin)


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