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Designing for Learning in an Open World

Authors: Conole, Grainne.

Publication Type: Book

Publication Year: 2013


  • Details a range of innovative tools and design methods
  • Provides a theoretical underpinning and contextualization with related research in the field
  • Includes practical examples and case studies
  • Clarifies the relationship between learning design and related fields

Designing for Learning in an Open World provides specific information and research for acquiring the requisite skills to both design and support learning opportunities that harness the potential of available technologies.

Further, Designing for Learning in an Open World proposes new, innovative learning pathways, created to empower learners to blend formal educational offerings with free resources and services. The new approach and new pathways suggested by the author force readers to rethink the entire instructional design process, enabling both teachers and learners to take into account a blended learning context, now the norm in our modern educational environment.

URL: Designing for Learning in an Open World (Springer)
APA Reference:  Conole, G. (2013) Designing for Learning in an Open World. In Springer (Eds.)