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Learning paths and OER: trends and opportunities

Authors: Jansen, Jose; Berlanga, Adriana; Koper, Rob
Publication Type: Article
Publication Year: 2013

This article explains a set of tools developed in order to describe learning activities and learning paths transparently, so that it becomes easier to determine whether they are aligned with the desired learning objectives and are interchangeable (or have interchangeable components). A learning path is defined as a set of one or more learning activities aimed at achieving certain learning objectives. Our argument will make clear that the challenge we face extends beyond the integration of OER within existing curricula, and that we need to view OER as a single source for learning and personal development, alongside many other non-formal and informal sources for learning (CEC, 2000).

URL: http://dspace.ou.nl/handle/1820/4861

APA Reference: Janssen, J., Berlanga, A., & Koper, R. (2013). Learning paths and OER: trends and opportunities. Retrieved from http://dspace.ou.nl/handle/1820/4861